About the product

The BikeSafe® bicycle travel case is the only hardshell bicycle case designed and manufactured in sunny South Africa.

Although we are not registered as a proudly South African product, we can say with pride that our product is truly South African.

The BikeSafe® is no ordinary bike bag. It's manufactured into a moulded case using high density polyethylene.

Whether you are a road racer, competitive mountain biker, triathlete or a casual cyclist, the BikeSafe® hardshell case will ensure that your bicycle reaches its destination with no bent derailleurs, scratches and dents on the frame or forks, or any other damage!

It’s a virtual guarantee that unless your bike is properly packaged for travel it will be damaged enroute. It is essential to pack your bike in a hard case to ensure it is safe from damage.

About the owners

Mike and Ingrid Williams.

The BikeSafe® hardshell bicycle case was developed by Mike and Ingrid Williams, two avid cyclists now living in Jeffreys Bay, involved with the Fountains Retirement Village development just outside of this little town.

About the company

We are committed to providing our valued customers with a quality product which will totally protect their valuable bicycles and cycling gear.

We want you to take pleasure in using our products so that you will tell others about them.

History of BikeSafe®

In 2003, being very keen cyclists and enjoying traveling on Cycle Tours, Mike and Ingrid Williams started looking for a well designed functional cycling tog bag and could find nothing. So they designed the now well known “GearUp cycling tog bag”.

In the same year, the couple joined a group of 36 other cyclists on a cycling trip consisting of ten stages of the Tour de France. This forced them to look for a method of transporting their precious Colnago bicycles safely by air. Finding a good product turned out to be a nightmare!

Keen on hardshell bike cases, they started investigating to find that these sorts of cases were all in the vicinity of between R4,500 and R6,000, and that one had to virtually dismantle one’s bicycle to pack it.

They settled on soft albeit reinforced bicycles cases. When the group arrived at Charles de Gaulle airport the luggage attendants wheeled out a big flat trolley with 12 boxes on their sides one on top of the other! Not a very comforting sight, especially for those whose cases lay at the bottom of the pile!! Imagine the pressure on carbon forks etc!

On the trip the bikes had to be unpacked and packed into the bike-bags each day, a real nuisance, since an operation like this could take up to half an hour. Pedals had to be removed with a special tool, something members of the fairer sex found very difficult, while the seat had to be loosened and handle bars repositioned, to name but some of the irritations.

At the end of the trip a number of bicycles had been damaged simply from packing and unpacking.

This personal experience led the Williamses to design what is known as the BikeSafe® hardshell bicycle case, a much needed product. More than a year passed before the couple was totally satisfied with the end result, and the product was launched at the 94.7 Expo in 2004.

The interest was overwhelming as cyclists saw how they could in three minutes pack their bicycles and be sure that their precious equipment would be absolutely safe in transit.

The BikeSafe® has now become very well known in the cycling world and more and more cyclists are now using it for travel. Once someone has purchased a BikeSafe® they invariably buy one or two more for another family member or recommend it to friends. The BikeSafe® stand is still inundated with potential customers at shows, but now customers come onto the expo stand and tell other cyclists how much they like their BikeSafe®.