Travelling to Cape Argus or other Cape Town event?

This useful information for those traveling to the Argus or other Cape Town events published on the ‘gotravel24’ website.

However we would suggest that you also phone the airline first.

Those travelling to Cape Town for the events should consider the following airline regulations for Bicycles:

  • British Airways (BA) gives you a 23kg sporting equipment allowance, a stand-alone from your usual 20kg luggage weight.
  • You don't need to be a special sportsperson to qualify for this - just give them a call beforehand to make arrangements.
  • SAA charges a handling fee of R48 per kilo.
  • Mango charges R150 for the whole thing.
  • 1Time does not charge a fee for transporting your bike. But you must stay within the 20kg luggage allowance. It's R20 per kilo if you exceed.
  • Kulula has a similar process, although the luggage allowance is 23kg and you pay R25 per kilo if you exceed.
  • As a general rule, deflate the tyres, take the wheels off, turn the bars backwards and pack the bike in a box/bag. Bubble wrap is also a good measure.

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