Frequently asked questions

What are the dimensions of the BikeSafe?

1200mm x 900mm x 320mm.

What stops the bicycle from moving around in the case? How is it fixed in place?

The bicyle fits into the case upside down. The case comes with a set of very sturdy straps which holds the bike in place and stops it from moving up and down. The pedals are left on the bicycle and when the bicycle is placed in the case the pedals hold the bicycle in a central position. There is absolutely no movement.

Do I need a skewer or a splint to protect my bicycle in the case?

Because of the way your bicycle is fixed in the case your bicycle and derailleur, chainring and forks ( which are the components that most often get damaged during transport) are suspended in air in a hardshell cocoon which totally protects it from any damage.

What do I do with my wheels?

These fit easily into the case one on each side of the bicycle. You can purchase wheelbags for extra protection or use the foam supplied to place between your frame and your wheels.

Does the case come with wheels?

Yes, two wheels front and back which makes it easy to move around.

Will my mountain bicycle fit into the BikeSafe®?

No problem.

Will my time trial bike fit into the BikeSafe®?

Yes, without a problem, and in fact, you won’t even have to remove your tri-bars.

Do the airlines accept the BikeSafe®?

Yes they do. It helps them too, because they have a big problem with claims for bicycles that have been damaged in transit.

Can I fit the BikeSafe® into my saloon car?

Yes, the BikeSafe® fits across the back seat of most salon cars. One would need to take the lid off and put the lid in front of the case. It is also possible to travel with the BikeSafe® on a roof rack – either inflatable or otherwise . This makes it possible to transport two or more BikeSafes on top of a car.

How many BikeSafes can I put in a hatchback car?

Most hatchbacks will easily fit two BikeSafes by folding the back seat down and sliding them in through the hatch.

What is the weight of the BikeSafe®?

13 kilograms. It is the lightest hardshell bicycle case available.

What colours can I have?

See customising your BikeSafe®.