Setting the combination locks

Setting the combination locks.
  1. The default factory setting for all locks is ‘0-0-0’
  2. Open the lock by lifting the red button
  3. Lift the base plate and locate the little combination change lever, located in the L shaped slot
  4. Slide the lever toward the opposite end of the L shaped slot
  5. Lower base plate and turn dials to set your favourite combination (e.g. birthday, phone number, etc)
  6. Lift base plate again and return change lever to original position in the L shaped slot
  7. Your combination is now locked in until you change it
  8. You cannot close or open the padlock on the wrong numbers
  9. To provide total protection for your valuables, simply secure the locks and rotate the dial for one or more of the numbers
  10. Please set all four padlocks to the same combination